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AI checks

AI checks

AI checks are human-understandable assertions powered by AI that can be used to verify arbitrary facts about the current page. They are more powerful and reliable than the expect or assert statements in traditional testing libraries.

In the default mode, you can make assertions about text content on the page. For example:

Presence (or absence) of textVerify the page shows 3 search results
Logical statementsThe publish date of this article is more than 30 days ago
General state of pageThere is no error message present on the page

In visual mode, you can make assertions about visual information on the page. For example:

Presence (or absence) of imageryVerify the buy button is blue
Logical statementsThe most expensive item is highest on the list
Generate state of pageThe login page is visible

Note that only the viewport visible in the test editor is provided to Momentic's web agent, and so assertions about hidden elements or elements off-screen will fail.

Best practices

We recommend following the guidelines below to craft effective and reliable assertions:

Keep it high level

Avoid language that is unnecessarily specific for your intended use case. For example, asserting that is the button to submit the form is clickable is better than asserting the button labelled 'Submit!' is clickable since the label may change.

Similarly, asserting that there are 3 search results is better than there are 3 different results if the contents of the results doesn't actually matter.

Avoid non-deterministic rendering

Caching dramatically improves the performance and reliability of AI assertions, but depends on your website content rendering in the same way on every run. If possible, avoid using elements that are inherently random, such as a current date display.


AI assertion results are cached by default. This means on scheduled runs, if your website content has not changed, the cached assertion result will be reused. This behavior can be disabled by unchecking the "Cache results" box on the AI assertion step.