Automated software testing with AI

Momentic is a low-code AI-powered testing platform that helps developers author E2E tests in minutes, not days.

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Why Momentic?

We make AI do the heavy lifting for you: finding elements, reasoning about assertions, visual comparisons, and even generating whole tests!

Intelligently locate elements

Instead of XPath or CSS selectors, our AI locate elements based on their visual appearance and accessibility attributes.

Powerful assertions

Craft assertions from any logical statement or visual condition.

Test recording

Record your interactions and let Momentic generate the test for you.

Local app

Use the Momentic app to create and run tests locally as you develop. No need to deploy your app.

In sync with your codebase

Save Momentic tests in your codebase and keep them in sync during development.

Run in CI/CD pipelines

Use the Momentic CLI to run tests in any CI/CD provider. We support GitHub Actions, CircleCI, and more.


Momentic automatically tracks in-flight requests and waits for them to complete.

Autogenerate steps

Use AI actions to generate steps to achieve a goal. Update the steps to fit your needs.

Execute JavaScript

Run arbitrary JavaScript to set up the environment for a test. You have access to libraries like Moment and Axios.

Interactive demo

Click through the editor to see how easy and quick it is to build a test!